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Rebecca E.

"I met with Felicia Turner yesterday and it was an absolute joy. My psychiatrist for years relocated and it's been tough finding someone else. However, Felicia Turner exceeded my expectations and made me feel like she genuinely cares about my treatment. She even gave me several ways of contacting her to ensure I am able to voice my concerns if I have any."

Leona S.

"I am so happy to have found Felicia Turner! The staff overall are great to work with. Everything from booking my first appointment to my follow ups and even wait times have been fantastic. Ms. Turner has helped me manage my depression and anxiety. I'm so grateful for her!!!"

Will P.

"I went as a new patient and saw Felicia Turner within minutes she came out and welcomed me. We sat down in her office and went through my history and my symptoms. She asked me what did and did not work in the past. She provided me with input and I was so happy about that. I had seen a psychiatrist last month who kept giving me what he thought I needed and I kept telling him those medications gave me terrible side effects. I told Felicia what has worked in the past for me and I also told her I didn’t want to be on anything that I take all the time. I don’t like the way I feel on all the psychiatric medications and I HATE the sexual side effects. She agreed and said she doesn’t make anyone take anything they don’t want. I wish all doctors would share her thinking. By the end of the appointment I was happy with my treatment plan. Felicia Turner was incredibly professional, warm, caring, and she listened to me." 

Teresa S.

"I was in desperate need of some help after I had some tragic life events happen and thank God I found Felicia Turner. She has been patient, empathetic and she is amazing at what she does. She knew exactly what medication I needed and I feel like a brand new person. The staff here is great. I have had a pleasant experience every time I go here. I really would give this place a chance, it has changed my life and I know it will to yours if you need the help."

Patricia F.

"I have to pay double my normal copay here. That being said I feel as though the service makes the payment worth it. Although I only come here for medication and have 15 min appointments when I feel like talking my provider always listens and makes me feel cared for even though I don’t come here for therapy. She truly cares. Thank you Felicia Turner! ♥ ♥ ♥"

Taylor M.

"I found this place after a lot of research and fails of other psychiatrists, and i am so so happy i did. Felicia Turner is amazing and although she doesn’t provide therapy she always listens to anything you want to talk about and just makes you feel actually cared about, which i’ve found is something that’s lacking from other doctors."

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Appointments Available Monday - Friday

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