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Day 6/365 Days of Awareness

I AM ME, I am not perfect. But I’m working on myself. Working to become the best version of myself, I am working on myself to continue to expand my own self. Through my own work in my own way,

I AM ME. Not the ME you think I AM. Not the ME you want me to BE… Just ME. The one I want to BE,

I AM ME, I make my own decisions, I don’t follow, I walk my own path,

“It’s not always easy, but I’d rather walk alone than walk with others in the wrong direction.”

I AM ME, I am strong, I have a big heart, I speak my truth, I don’t back down,

I AM ME, I don’t settle, I go after what I want, I won’t apologize for being me,

I AM ME, I accept you, I accept everyone as they are, as they want to be that’s ME.

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